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Biography cont.

In 2001 Stuart produced, wrote and directed Revelation, a mystical thriller starring Terence Stamp, James Darcy and Udo Kier. It follows the quest to locate and understand a relic that heralds the fusion of science and religion. Budgeted at $9 million, it sold widely.  

Alexander Walker of the Evening Standard found it “excellent…a film with a brain behind it”.


In 2007 Stuart’s feature doc Tovarisch, I Am Not Dead followed his father, who escaped from both the Holocaust and the Gulag, retracing his steps decades later. Theatrically released in the UK, it toured festivals with award-winning success, including nominations at the British Independent Film Awards and Griersons.


May I Kill U? (2013), starring Kevin Bishop and Frances Barber, is a black comedy about a cycling bobby who goes rogue after the London riots. Released theatrically in the UK, USA, Russia and elsewhere, it won a Silver Melies as one of the best European genre films of the year, among other awards.

Philip French of The Observer described it as “funny, sharp and ruthless”.


The Secret (2016) is a 4-part miniseries written and executive produced by Stuart for ITV and Hat Trick Productions.


Based on a real-life crime, it stars James Nesbitt and achieved No 1 ratings and excellent reviews for the drama and its “superb script” (Daily Telegraph).

Cinema & TV Work

The Secret (2016)

A 4-part true crime drama, starring James Nesbitt as a double-murdering Baptist dentist who killed to be with his lover.


May I Kill U? (2013)

Black comedy starring Kevin Bishop. There’s a psychopath on the cycle path: a vigilante who tweets his murderous way to fame.


Tovarisch, I Am Not Dead (2007)

Cinema documentary about Stuart's father, Garri, who survived and escaped from both the Holocaust and the Gulag.


Revelation (2001)

Supernatural thriller with Terence Stamp, James D’Arcy and Udo Kier. A quest that heralds the fusion of science & religion.


Against the War (1999)

Harold Pinter chose Stuart to co-write, produce and direct Against the War, an acclaimed BBC documentary on Kosovo.


Preaching to the Perverted (1997)

In The Guardian’s Top 10 films on BDSM/fetishism and a popular title on the film festival circuit.


Deadly Voyage (1996)

Stuart wrote the $6 million HBO/BBC film  that won the Silver Nymph for Best Screenplay at Monte Carlo in 1997


Our Friends in the North  (1996)

Daniel Craig in what became the most successful drama for 15 years on BBC2 and won him another BAFTA for Best Drama.


An Ungentlemanly Act (1992)

Stuart’s feature length debut as writer-director, dramatising the tragicomic beginnings of the Falklands War won him the BAFTA for Best Single Drama.